What are the Benefits of Real Estate Investing?

Here are a few

-Backed by a hard asset in real estate

-Double Digit Returns with Consistent Cash Flow Returns

-Equity returns

-Value dependant on income (more control over returns)

-Tax breaks

-Multiple cash flow opportunities beyond rents

Why invest with us?

We make your life easier!

Simply put, we know what we’re doing and have done most of the hard work for you. Because of the connections we’ve made and the knowledge we’ve acquired over years of investing, we have the buying power to acquire properties for less, the knowledge to force appreciation quicker, and calculated information to help us pinpoint emerging markets across the US.

In short, we have a foothold on the market and you have the ability to capitalize off that.

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As an investor, what should I expect as a typical ROI?

-As an Accredited Investor we acquire properties that have cash flow returns with double digits or more. We also focus on Equity Returns with Upside potential, and we focus on Actual Figures provided. We will be providing a market analysis for the property you will be investing in which will provide a forecast of equity returns.

What is your role on the property?

-We find the properties, analyze the numbers to find assets that meet our criteria, perform the due diligence, put everything in place to close on the property, and interview and select the property managers we’ll be using. After closing, we are responsible for managing the assets to assure proper returns. In other words, we make you money on your investment.